Nuts 4 You Jewelry

When my daughter was 2 1/2 years old we were exploring our yard and found a black walnut shell that had been discarded from the squirrel’s nest up in the trees. My daughter picked one up that had split exactly in half and exclaimed “It’s a heart!” I instantly knew I would make it into a pendant.

I wanted to fill the cavity with melted glass but I knew that wasn’t possible since the nut shell is like wood and would burn. I turned to the internet and discovered 2 part epoxy resins.

I use a Canadian made product called Ecopoxy that is 60% soy based and has no odor. I add red and yellow stains along with gold and copper flakes to get the effect of amber, or powdered mica pigments that look like stained glass. My husband has become the slicer, driller, sander of the nuts and I used the resin to make them into beautiful pieces of jewelry.