Mindful Malas

Several years ago my yoga instructor and good friend asked if I would host a Mala and Meditation workshop with her. She knew that I made jewelry and did some bead work so wondered if I would take the participants through the process of making a personalized Mala to enhance their meditation practice. I immediately said yes and then googled Malas so I would know what one was. That was the beginning of a wonderful journey. I read as much as I could about the history of mala beads, their connection to rosaries, and how they are used by people today. I also began to read about gem stones and crystals and the ways that we can use them in our daily lives. The workshop was a wonderful success and I began incorporating the mala that I made for myself into my yoga and meditation practice.

I use a combination of wood or Indian rudraksha seed beads and gemstone beads to create Mindful Malas. Each mala comes with a card that explains which wood and gemstone beads I have chosen and the healing properties associated with them.

Whether you use these malas for meditation or simply mindfulness, may they help to anchor you to the present moment.